Gravesend toothache

Gravesend Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Gravesend

Gravesend toothache
Gravesend toothache

Common causes of toothaches include cavities, loose or lost fillings, chipped and cracked teeth, and bacterial infections. At the office of Liana Libin, DDS, our goal is to keep your teeth strong, healthy, and intact whenever possible.

When your tooth’s protective barriers are breached, the nerve and pulp inside are exposed, leaving them vulnerable and prone to the elements. That could be the air itself, or the hot and cold foods and drinks that you consume, and thereby leading to a Gravesend toothache. The inner portion of your tooth is meant to be shielded by the enamel and dentin layers. The priority is to put in a new filling, or to place a crown so that the tooth’s nerve and pulp are no longer left susceptible. And this should be done with a sense of urgency, because your Gravesend toothache can get considerably more severe if bacteria infects the pulp. When that occurs, not only does the cavity, chip, or crack need to be addressed, but first the infected tissue has to be removed. The treatment that accomplishes that is root canal therapy. Don’t be alarmed, however. While it’s not an ideal situation, we can assure you of very minimal discomfort to none at all for the procedure, which is non-surgical. Without it, you would lose the tooth automatically, creating a series of complications that need to dealt with, including the replacement of the tooth. Fortunately, there is a 90% or greater success rate for root canal, so you should be able to retain your natural tooth, which is the best outcome possible.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us. The very minute that you detect the presence of a Gravesend toothache, you should be contacting us to set up a prompt visit for an examination, x-rays, evaluation, and treatment. Get relief for your pain, and put the odds in your favor to keep the tooth viable now and in the future.

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