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Dentist Office Gravesend

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It’s important that people remember to visit their dentist. There are plenty of benefits to keeping up with routine exams and cleanings, but aside from being healthy and staying up-to-date with your dental records, visiting your dentist can help you maintain a stellar smile. By maintaining your oral hygiene, you stand a better chance of having a whiter and more attractive smile. But some stains and aesthetic dental issues are unavoidable, and others may occur because of certain habits or even your diet. Here with Liana Libin, DDS you can benefit from comprehensive dental care as well as dental bleaching right here in the comfort of our dentist office in Gravesend.

Healthy teeth tend to be whiter, but stains and discoloration can be caused by the things you eat on a regular basis as well as your age. Even people who have kicked tobacco habits or overcome dental issues may want to reverse the negative effects these things may have had on the color of their tooth enamel. Here with Liana Libin, DDS you can consider options such as professional dental bleaching. Cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening can help to remove stains more effectively than over-the-counter options, plus they are likely to cause any pain or discomfort. Teeth whitening kits and gel strips available in most dental care sections at stores can seem enticing, but many can actually cause pain, sensitivity, and uneven results. Here at our dental office in Gravesend, Dr. Libin can provide you with completely personalized whitening care, targeting specific stains and providing you with the exact amount of whitening agent your teeth need in order to look significantly brighter and whiter.

If you have tooth stains or have suffered from tooth enamel discoloration that you would like to reverse, then our dentist Liana Libin, DDS is here to help. Call or visit our dental office in Gravesend to learn more today.

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