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Dental Care in Gravesend

Gravesend dentist
Gravesend dentist

If you are interested in having healthy teeth and gums, it is very important that you have regularly-scheduled periodic dental exams at our dental practice, Liana Libin, DDS. Dental exams are not only important in helping to maintain your excellent oral health; they can also be very cost-effective, as it is much easier to treat dental problems in the early stages then after they have developed into larger dental issues. If you would like to see our Gravesend dentist for an oral exam, contact us today.

Our expert and highly trained dentist is Dr. Liana Libin. She has been happy to serve the dental care needs of our Sheepshead Bay community for many years. When patients come to our practice for a dental exam, their entire mouth will be thoroughly examined for any health problems. Should any problems be diagnosed, it is good to know that our dentist will be able to provide you with the highest level of dental treatment and care. Before the actual oral exam begins, our dentist will generally want to have a set of x-rays taken of your entire mouth. These x-rays will help our dentist to determine if there are any cavities developing between the teeth, or if there are any problems developing beneath the gum line. Our dentist will then proceed with the oral exam to make sure that your mouth is healthy. She will examine your teeth to make sure there are no cavities or problems with teeth grinding or other issues. Our Gravesend dentist will also thoroughly examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer.

As part of your oral exam, our dentist will also make sure that your bite is healthy, and that your gums are remaining in excellent health. If it is determined that you have gingivitis, a precursor of gum disease, our Gravesend dentist may recommend that you have several dental cleanings over the coming months to make sure that your gums return to good health. If it is determined that you have developed mild to moderate gum disease, our dentist may recommend that you have a periodontal treatment of scaling and root planing. This is like a deep cleaning for the gums which should be effective in helping your gums become healthy once again. If you would like to meet with our dentist for a thorough oral exam, contact us today.

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